Alexa amazon RGB wifi controller+LED strip 5050+Power supply/voice control &wifi

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LED type: SMD5050

    Color: RGB 

LED Quantity: 30 leds/metre

Package: 5 meters/reel

View angle: 120°

   Working input Voltage: 12VDC

  Working power 36W/5M

  Working Current 3A /5M (DC current)

  Luminous Flux: 390-450 Lumens/Meter

  Protection Rate: :(IP20 n0n-Waterproof  OR waterproof IP65) select from the drop down menu 

  Size :length 500cm(5M) X width 1.0CM X hight 0.25cm

 Working Temperature:-20 to 50°


Package Includes:

  • 2 x 5 Meter LED Light Strip (depends on your selection)
  • 1 x Smart WIFI + IR Remote Controller works with Alexa (Amazon Echo)
  • 1 x T connector
  • 1 x IR Remote controller
  • instructions