Custom kitchen cabinet lighting

Why custom order?

 When we custom your order for your kitchen cabinets, you get exactly what you need for your cabinet lighting with a complete package of LED strip or LED bar, wires, power supply, switches ,wireless controlled or smart phone controlled.  

We provide a quick connect/ plug in system so you don't have to worry about soldering and speciality connectors.

 This way you do a professional job for less time and money.


Simply  send us an email and try to answer the questions below to better understand your project.

  • What is the total length of the LED strip required for your under/top cabinet lighting?
  • Do you want single color or color change, if single color then do you prefer cool, warm white?
  • Do you need to connect between separate cabinets ? How far? 

We will provide a quotation the same day and We will answer any question you might have. 

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