WS2812B WS2811/WS2813/USC1903 Music X2 Controller LED Strip Modules DC5V-24V input 1000pixels with RF Touch Remote

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1. The radio-frequency touch controller, controls  20meter.

2. LED buttons on controller as well as remote.

3. The audio port, the 3.5 MM audio access, undisturbed when using music mode, make the lights changing rhythm cool.

4. The advanced PWM pulse width modulation technology, it makes changing effects exquisitely beautiful.

5. A variety of classic mode.

6.27 music change modes.



Interior decoration:

Clubs, bars, malls, rooms, clubs, museums, etc.

Outdoor decoration:

Plazas, commercial buildings, entertainment clubs, scenic spot light, evening on location, etc.



. input power: : DC 5V~ 24V

. output: data signal

.support IC type:WS2811/WS2812B/WS2813/USC1903

. Drive pixel quantity: about 1000 pixels (Colourful x2)

. voice control: 70 db

. remote control battery: 1.5V AAA *2  ( Products do not contain batteries)

. remote standby power consumption: 0.08 mW

. products working temperature: - 20 ~ 60 degree celsius.