4 zone RGB wifi controller/ Remote controller for 5050 RGB LED strip

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Control up to 4 zones of RGB LED strips with your phone app or a remote controller or both Separately

    LED controller:
    Size: 85 x 45 x 23mm
    Working voltage: DC12-24V
    Control way: R G B  Four Channels (Red Green Blue )
    Max Load Current per channel: 6A*4=24A
    Power Input Port: DC 5.5*2.1 Female Connector or Direct 2 wire(+ -) Input
    Output Connection:Common anode
    Built-in Programs:Multiple
    Compatibility:4-channel RGB LED strips
    4 Zone Remote controller:




    4 Zone WIFI controller:

    Wifi controller can be connected to any USB port to provide power to the unit.

    A very user friendly app is used to communicate with the wifi controller and LED controllers

    All instructions manuals are included.

    All connectors are included


    LED strips:

    • LED Type: 5050 SMT LED 
    • Protection Rate: IP65 (waterproof)
    • LED Quantity: 150 LEDs/16 feet
    • Size: L 500cm (16.4ft) x W 1cm x T 0.25cm
    • View angle:120°
    • Working Input Voltage: 12VDC
    • Working Current: 3Amp (for 16 feet)
    • Output power: 0.75-0.95 W/ft
    • Luminous Flux: 390-450 Lumens/Meter, 1280-1470 Lumens/ft
    • Working Temperature:-20° to 50°
    • Drive Mode:Constant Voltage